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Today’s threats have evolved in sophistication, speed, and scale. Endpoints – the end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices – expose an organization to these threats. And endpoints are expanding rapidly.

Traditional anti-virus and endpoint protection programs no longer can keep up, and endpoint detection and response solutions that rely on the cloud for detection may increase dwell time if there is no connectivity.

4C Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (Managed EDR) adds the critical visibility needed to protect your environment effectively.

With a combination of automation and machine learning, we streamline and monitor the volume of data and noise generated from the growing number of endpoints across your environment. The result is better visibility, less noise, faster detection of threats – and better peace of mind, regardless of scale.

Like Having a SOC Analyst at Every Endpoint

4C Managed EDR gives you complete visibility into your endpoint environment with a solution that takes the burden of protecting endpoints off of your team. With fully automated, policy-driven response capabilities and 24x7x365 monitoring from our security operations center (SOC) team, 4C rapidly detects and responds to threats at the endpoints across your environment.

Powered by Leading SentinelOne ActiveEDR™ Technology

4C Managed EDR does not rely on cloud connectivity to detect malicious activity. Instead, AI-powered single-purpose agents in each endpoint can identify malicious activity automatically and eliminate dwell time in real time – when minutes count.


Learn how we take the burden of endpoint protection off of your team.


  • Unified Prevention, Detection, and Response

    A single, purpose-built endpoint agent is powered by machine learning and automation.

  • Protection Across Major Attack Vectors

    Our SOC teams detect and respond to attacks across all major vectors, rapidly eliminating threats with fully automated, policy-driven response and rollback capabilities.

  • Broad Visibility in Real Time

    We have complete visibility into your endpoint security environment with full-context and real-time forensics.

  • OS Support

    Our Managed EDR supports Windows, Mac OS, and most Linux platforms with on endpoint agents operating at machine speed.

  • Context

    Manual effort is reduced by automatically stringing together related EDR incidents to create an attack storyline.

“I cannot begin to stress how important early detection and response is when it comes to mitigating threats and minimizing damage.”

Field Solutions Engineer, Networking and Security