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In your evolving modern IT infrastructure, risk is everywhere. You need to protect the way you do business today and be armed for the future. And you need that protection to be simple, affordable, and accessible. But finding skilled resources in the midst of a talent shortage, managing multiple non-integrated point solutions, and reacting to the right alerts in a sea of data can be big barriers to your security success.

4C Managed Detection and Response (MDR) has you covered. Our comprehensive solution makes protecting your modern environment simple; and it delivers that protection in a way that fits your business and your budget.

You’re not alone in the cybersecurity challenges you face.

In today’s perimeter-less environment, there’s more to protect – on-premise legacy systems and applications, networks, remote endpoints, cloud applications and storage, email, and even IoT devices. 4C MDR gives you affordable, on-demand access to the enterprise-grade security operations technology, expert analysts, and 24x7x365 monitoring. It’s everything you need to keep your modern business safe.

Predict Prevent Detect and Response

Learn how 4C MDR can help you eliminate the barriers to better security.

4C MDR proactively protects your world, enabling you to detect, respond to, and stop attacks on your business – before they can stop you.



Defending your business requires active monitoring and comprehensive visibility of the networks and endpoints across your digital environment. Criminals don’t sleep, but you can rest easy while our seasoned team of analysts monitor your environment 24x7x365. From the ground to the cloud, onsite to remote, we’ll know what’s happening anywhere in your environment in real-time.



Threats can hide in the high-volume of alerts generated in your environment. Security operations tools such as deep analytics, machine learning, and threat intelligence streamline that volume. Critical data is elevated, false alerts are reduced, and our analysts are focused on the data that matters for detecting and investigating malicious activity and incidents of compromise.



When a threat is detected, time is critical. Through our early detection and actionable response advice, we help you contain critical threats before they can do damage your business. Once the threat is stopped, our team will help you reinforce your defenses by closing that door to future exploitation. 4Cvalso has a comprehensive set of security services that you can rely on to strengthen your defenses and your security posture – ready to go if you need them.


Internal teams usually run lean, and skilled cybersecurity resources are becoming harder to find. 4C makes it simple for you to access our 300+-member workforce of specialized security experts that will protect your business with determination. In fact, 80% of our entire staff is dedicated to service delivery for our customers. From senior-level security operations analysts to strategic cybersecurity leaders to unparalleled support experts, the dedicated 4C team becomes a trusted and valuable extension of your team that you can rely on to defend your business.


  • Meet Compliance Obligations

    Active monitoring is a lynchpin of cybersecurity best practice frameworks and compliance regulations.

  • Monitor Core and Perimeter Devices

    Perimeter (NGFW, IDPS, etc.) and extended monitoring (AD, DNS, etc.) strengthens your security posture.

  • Ease Security Audit Preparation

    Save time and resources as you prepare for your next security audit.

  • Affordable, On-Demand Access

    Our managed services model makes access to enterprise-grade threat detection and response simple and affordable.

“It’s critical we have the ability to differentiate ourselves within our marketplace while at the same time ensuring our data – and most importantly, our customer’s data – remains safe."

Brandon Hanes, Vice President Network Security
Guaranty Bank & Trust